November 22, 2012

What it would look like if Jupiter was the same distance away from the Earth as the Moon is?

if jupiter was as close as the moon


  1. And couldn't help get away from the fact of the enormous one eye monster starring down at you!

  2. WOW! Can you imagine the high & low tides? 1,000ft + - easy, WHOA! And that is only 1 feature. I just freaked myself out!

  3. It would have been scary to see such monster coming at you. With such magnetic power, Probably throw the Earth out of sequence.

    1. very realistic approach, appreciated.

  4. Well as much as that would be a great scene to see out your bedroom window in the morning but, considering the gravitational pull of Jupiter on earth if it was that close I don't believe that this would be the land layout because wouldn't it all have been pulled apart by the gradation tital waves of jupiter?

  5. gupiter will bring clear admofera to see better far away near you are far poty zoom findin best vision near you