December 10, 2012

Comparison of the Earth to Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Earth & Sun
sun compared to earth

Earth & Mercury
mercury compared to earth

Earth & Venus
venus compared to earth

Earth & Moon
moon compared to earth

Earth & Mars
mars compared to earth

Earth & Jupiter
jupiter compared to earth

Earth & Saturn
saturn compared to earth

Earth & Urnus
uranus compared to earth

Earth & Neptune
neptune compared to earth

Earth & Pluto
pluto compared to earth


  1. Thank U for letting me be part of Earth Blog , so cool!!

  2. when aliens will come to Earth: goodbye religion and all its lies

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  5. BIOPRINTING: Have to say very clearly to the religious, once and for all, that we are NOT interested in their religious stories for ignorant, nor their "ethical debates" about anything (they would have to debate whether is it ethical that children perish of hunger in the Third World deliberately maintained, because without poor and ignorant there is not religion, while pontifices living in golden palaces eating partridges, they would have to debate whether is it ethical that all global media are secretly under the tight religious (Inquisition) control to continue "forever and ever" buying-fooling-terrorizing the World on behalf of their sanguinary false gods. We do not want more religion stories nevermore. What we do want with the BIOPRINTING techniques is to get THE IMMORTALITY, period.

    1. I do really appreciate and concede to these your view of points My Dear Tonyon just reaching me.

  6. if religious would not so damaging; be careful, religious-demoniac-Enola Gays-little boy-fat man-sick homo-vices-religious go saying in "their" global media that "World War III has already begun"...because Humankind escapes from religious, and religion no more, Humankind go to a best Future; demoniac-religious would give a pity

  7. Какво значение има тук религията,ако не сме хора. Жалко е,че улисани в пошлото в усилията да си навредим взаимно,ние не виждаме красотата около нас. Вижте Вселената-и в нея има раждане и смърт,но има много красота и вълшебство. Трябва да се поучим от нея.