April 11, 2015

What it would look like if Planets were the same distance away from the Earth as the Moon is?

if planets were where the Moon

Venus as Earth's Moon
Diameter 12,104 km | 7,521 milesVenus as Earth's Moon

Mars as Earth's Moon
Diameter 6,792 km | 4,220 miles
Mars as Earth's Moon

Jupiter as Earth's Moon
Diameter 139,822 km | 86,881 milesJupiter as Earth's Moon

Saturn as Earth's Moon
Diameter 116,464 km | 72,367 miles
Saturn as Earth's Moon

Uranus as Earth's Moon
Diameter 50,724 km | 31,518 miles
Uranus as Earth's Moon

Neptune as Earth's Moon
Diameter 49,244 km | 30,599 miles
Neptune as Earth's Moon

Images Credit: Ron Miller


  1. What about Pluto, it has been proven that Pluto is a planet.
    Pluto needs to be reinstated as an official planet in our solar system.
    Who doesn't want to admit that they were wrong?

  2. Pluto is no planet. And if you want to change that, we have 1000+ planets in our solar-system. Instantly!

  3. No need to get angry... we just like Pluto.

  4. No doubt, Heidi. I have a photo of Pluto as my phone lock screen!

  5. They're missing 1. Earth . What it would look like if Earth were the same distance away from the Earth as the Moon is?

  6. Compare it to Venus. Venus is about the same size as Earth.