May 6, 2016

Andromeda Galaxy seen over the Alps

Andromeda Galaxy over the Alps

Monte Sella, Apuan Alps, Italy
August 12, 2015

Image Credit & Copyright: Matteo Dunchi


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  2. Amazing picture. Last month I was talking to my nephew Thomas about Andromeda and we were lucky to spot it, with the help of an experienced friend of mine + a very powerful telecospe I bought. He asked me how far it was. Thomas is only 9 years old. I told him about the 2.5million ly's. He wanted something he could picture better, so we made the math in miles and reached to the distance of 14 quintillion miles. Looking at his face was the funniest thing. He was trying to figure how to go through that distance. I own a 2013 Honda Accord which has gone through 200,000 miles. I told him we would need like 10 trillion Accords like this one to get there. And I still believe we would be on the road, missing some hundreds of millions of miles. haha

    1. Really, you are surely right. It will be a journey without end.