October 16, 2012

A Pileus Iridescent Cloud over Ethiopia

Yes, but how many dark clouds have a multicolored lining? Pictured, behind this darker cloud, is a pileus iridescent cloud, a group of water droplets that have a uniformly similar size and so together diffract different colors of sunlight by different amounts. This image was taken just after the picturesque sight was noticed by chance by a photographer in Ethiopia. A more detailed picture of the same cloud shows not only many colors, but unusual dark and wavy bands whose origins are thought related to wave disturbances in the cloud.

Image Credit & Copyright: Esther Havens
Explanation from: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap110824.html


  1. UNA FANTASIA........ muestras de un pequeño explendor que apasiona los sentidos del multicolor...

  2. 素敵!エメラルドのような虹!神様!!!!!

  3. Absolutely astounding capture!

  4. La Naturaleza y el Cosmos se unen en un poema visual en expresión armónica para deleite de los creyentes en las¿ fuerza poderosa del Amor Divino.