December 28, 2012

Milky Way above Easter Island

Milky Way Galaxy - Easter Island

Why were the statues on Easter Island built? No one is sure. What is sure is that over 800 large stone statues exist there. The Easter Island statues, stand, on the average, over twice as tall as a person and have over 200 times as much mass. Few specifics are known about the history or meaning of the unusual statues, but many believe that they were created about 500 years ago in the images of local leaders of a lost civilization. In this picture, some of the stone giants were illuminated in 2009 under the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Image Credit & Copyright: Manel Soria
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  1. c'est franchement magnifique sous la voûte céleste elle regarde toutes l'océan pourquoi c'est une des questions que je me pose

  2. If these statue's are only 500 years old, that is 'a nano moment' in Quantum Science Time Line! Writing already discovered, one would think there is a Record somewhere; Japan, did a similar thing but used Kites, to scare away uninvited visitors' perhaps the occupants of these Island did the Same only they used stone! In the Ancient World, there is records of Colossal Statues being erected for the same reasons! Has anyone used x ray on the stone figures to see if they are solid? Just my opinion: Dr. Gene ~Landrum, Philosopher of Quantum Science Theory. of Everything.

  3. I never knew why they were built. Thought it was about religion. There are so many, didn't know.