January 20, 2013

Milky Way Galaxy above the ESO 3.6-metre Telescope

What is in the Milky Way Galaxy?

• 300–500 billion stars (like the Sun, Sirius or Betelgeuse)
• at least 100 billion planets (like Mars, Jupiter or Kepler-14b)
• more than 10 billion planets in the Habitable Zone (like Earth, Gliese 667 Cc or Kepler-22b)

And the Milky Way Galaxy is one of at least 200-500 billion galaxies in the Observable Universe (like Andromeda Galaxy, Pinwheel Galaxy or Whirlpool Galaxy)

Image Credit: S. Brunier/ESO


  1. hey, have a question... if we can send non tripulated ships to explore te outside of our galaxy why cant we send one to the center of it? think we can learn more f we start to know ourselves

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