March 30, 2015

New stars shed light on the past

Star-Forming Region - N90 - NGC-602

This image depicts bright blue newly formed stars that are blowing a cavity in the centre of a fascinating star-forming region known as N90.

The high energy radiation blazing out from the hot young stars in N90 is eroding the outer portions of the nebula from the inside, as the diffuse outer reaches of the nebula prevent the energetic outflows from streaming away from the cluster directly. Because N90 is located far from the central body of the Small Magellanic Cloud, numerous background galaxies in this picture can be seen, delivering a grand backdrop for the stellar newcomers. The dust in the region gives these distant galaxies a reddish-brown tint.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration
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  1. An outstanding image. Sometimes Man really gets me down. Too much rah-rah-rah stupid. Our dirt slinging Presidential candidates,constantly lapping up the limelight, hungry for Media attention, lying through their teeth to get elected, might do well to take time out from their egotistical, self seeking glory tripping, and quietly ponder an amazing image like this one. And reflect on the fragile, brief, absurd smallness of Man. I absolutely love this image. I'd love it blown up, hanging on my wall.