July 30, 2016

Planetary Nebula Hubble 5

Planetary Nebula Hubble 5

Hubble 5 is a striking example of a 'butterfly' or bipolar (two-lobed) nebula. The heat generated by fast winds causes each of the lobes to expand, much like a pair of balloons with internal heaters. This observation was taken Sept. 9, 1997 by the Hubble telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2. Hubble 5 is 2, 200 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius.

Image Credit: NASA/ESA
Explanation from: http://www.spacetelescope.org/images/opo9738f/

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  1. Wow.that is far. Do these pictures have 2 go thru nasa first? Or any govt. agency?